Many of your favorite accessories and jewelry are created by indigenous communities from around the world.  Fair trade aims to help preserve their traditions and techniques and provide opportunity for sustainability of culture and life. When you purchase fair trade items, you are contributing to the success of these families. Your hand crafted accessories will help our artisans gain self-respect and dignity while making a living wage to afford the essentials such as nutritious food, education, and healthcare. 

When you buy fair trade items, you are not only appreciating the skilled work of indigenous cultures that created your new purchase, but also giving opportunity for the marginalized men and women of these developing communities. Your purchase promotes improved living conditions and helps improve communities of our artisans. 
While oversized statement jewelry can still be found, minimalistic designs and streamlined aesthetics are here to stay. Quality minimal pieces can make a large impact when stacked or alone bringing a sense of versatility redefining the meaning of a sentimental piece. Stack cash and not trash, invest in quality pieces that can be used in several different ways for several different outfits. A new look for every day by shopping wisely.
Layered Necklaces: Statement and Sentimentality
Layering is a styling trend in all facets of fashion. Jewelry is no exception. From layering minimalistic rings to combining necklaces, it is a statement made of mix and match minimalism. Layer similar styles, gems, shapes, classic designs, and sentimental pieces passed down to merge a look that brings together classic with a modern vibe.
Stackable Rings:
Just like the necklace, minimalistic rings make a versatile and big impact together. Regardless if you choose to wear a single ring, rock the midi craze, or adorn each finger with a different design, minimalistic rings combine personality and definition. Keep the look cohesive and curated by forgoing combining materials or mixed metal and aim for a clean sophisticated look of modern styling. Pair rings of different widths and shapes or ultra-thin similar rings stacked thick.
Quality over Quantity:
The root of minimalism is against abundance and lavishness. To achieve a curated, sleek look that is versatile, contemporary, and timeless avoid trends and look for quality pieces that can stand the test of a time that goes beyond the sleek lines, textures, and geometric designs. Redefine style and redefine shopping by investing in quality that has elevated simplicity and classic simple gemstones that have a timeless beauty. Minimalism is not only a style but an ideology that being mindful of overconsumption and styling versatile pieces that can rock several different styles regardless of your outfit.