ASMI means Self-Respect in Sanskrit

Our founders have a forward vision inspired by a long-term commitment to uplift women, equality, and promote inclusivity with the goal of creating beautiful products with a meaningful impact for people and our planet.

Inspired by the She-roes of the world, ASMI works for vulnerable & marginalized women from some of the poorest communities so they may have the opportunity to be the heroes of their family. We at ASMI believe that everyone wants to do what is right for their families, communities, and the world.

That's why we are committed to making the right choices, the most obvious ones. We provide opportunities rather than charity to families in distress creating self-respect and dignity by social entrepreneurship & livelihood creation. We want to improve social and environmental sustainability with transparency and benevolence. 


ASMI's mission is to provide beauty through benevolence, opportunities rather than charity, and self-respect and dignity to marginalized women through social entrepreneurship and livelihood creation. We are committed to excellence and responsibility to three pillars of Social Impact. Fair and Equal Opportunity, Responsible Sourcing, and Positive Impact on Communities and Our Planet.

We aim to foster a business that promotes equal opportunity where everyone feels welcome and valued. 

Gender Equality

Our women founder's legacy of forward vision of femininity continues to inspire a long-term commitment to support women's advancement.

Diversity and Inclusion

The founders of ASMI work with women and men to develop their skills and experience in the workplace. We work with talented artisans from different backgrounds encouraging an inclusive, diverse, and respectful company that distributes and collaborates with others worldwide. We want to ensure clear standards for others to feel protected and valued at ASMI. We engage others to make a meaningful impact in business and our daily lives to promote a fairer future of inclusion and social equality. 


We intend to become a force of positive change promoting high standards and ensuring transparency. Responsible sourcing helps lower our environmental impact focusing on fair trade and social enterprise sources. 

We believe we are responsible for our environmental impact and to protect the limited resources of our planet. Starting from the drawing board, we aim to improve our efficiency and minimize waste reusing and recycling what we can. Ethically sourced materials and organic materials are used whenever possible at ASMI.

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