Strong Women Are Created From The Storm

Asmi believes in empowerment and betterment of women and their environment. Not all of us let life's hardships bring us down. Like a phoenix rising from the flames, some women emerge stronger, more resilient, and able to bring a new perspective to their next challenge. We take each day as an opportunity to make a positive change in our lives and grab the world by can fill that one in.

Women all over the world are inspiring us to accomplish bigger things in our lives motivating us to move forward. Their strength is boundless and their perseverance gives us proof that if you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Next time you need to go from tired to inspired, take a moment to go over a few basic tips to get you past the storm and basking in the sunshine.

Strong Women believe in themselves. Its easy to listen to the world of naysayers tell you that you can't, won't, or shouldn't follow your dreams. Strong women stick to the inner voice telling them that they can and should do what they want. We are guided by ourselves, not others negativity.

Strong Women are survivors. Challenges won't dissolve our resolute it inspires us to creatively find new ways to succeed. Learn from mistakes and move forward. Failure can be the greatest stepping stone to launch from. We don't believe things are meant to happen, we believe we can make it happen.

Strong Women aren't attention seekers, but are sought after. Here's one that can be difficult. We all want to be seen and respected, but strong women don't explain or need to show off. Their actions speak for themselves and in that alone, they are what others see and admire.

Strong Women learn from mistakes. Success doesn't come overnight and it doesn't come from holding grudges or repeating behavior that doesn't help us grow. We don't burden ourselves with negativity, but use each moment as an opportunity to become a memory.

Strong Women know their worth. We know our capabilities and we know our weaknesses. We are all worthy of greatness in all aspects of life. Whether it be family, friends, career, or overall happiness. Find what you are passionate about and learn something new every day to make each day a small success. 

Take a moment to reflect and breath. Even strong women have their moments of doubt and pain. No one is perfect and perfectly strong. Strong Women do know what it takes to preserve and better themselves and lives around them. Here's to all the Bad ars ladies working to be the best version of them.