Many of your favorite accessories and jewelry are created by indigenous communities from around the world.  Fair trade aims to help preserve their traditions and techniques and provide opportunity for sustainability of culture and life. When you purchase fair trade items, you are contributing to the success of these families. Your hand crafted accessories will help our artisans gain self-respect and dignity while making a living wage to afford the essentials such as nutritious food, education, and healthcare. 

When you buy fair trade items, you are not only appreciating the skilled work of indigenous cultures that created your new purchase, but also giving opportunity for the marginalized men and women of these developing communities. Your purchase promotes improved living conditions and helps improve communities of our artisans

It’s the season for holidays and vacations…who doesn’t love this time of year? Bronzed skin with swimwear or sundresses equals more room to really show off that summer glow with statement pieces of jewelry. It’s time to consider yourself! This is the perfect “you” gifting season…No need to consider all the holiday gifts on your list for others, so why not YOU?

Ravishing Rings

Themes, textures and motifs — all important things when picking out a ring for your collection.  The piece can go from dull to sparkly with just one cut or polish. It also adds dimension to a piece showing strength, design, and versatility. Layering is still a big trend-this is where your design and collection can shine. Each piece can change the look of the day and combined, make a statement to remember.

Brilliant Bracelets

There's no better way to dress up an outfit than to add a simple bracelet or two. From jeans to business suits, the right small bracelet can add a touch of class and elegance. Recent bracelet trends indicate that minimalist pieces are growing in popularity. Stacking is a perfect way to show off your style and flair with a variety of large bangles, bolo bracelets, or simple charms.

Neck Necessities

Who doesn’t love layering? -mixing different chain styles and lengths, adding pendants to find the perfect layered look. Chokers are good to add to the layer mix. Try something very thick and heavy or go dainty with a thin chain in a very small length. Best layering lengths are spaced between two inches apart (like a 14”, 16”, and 18”). Incorporating longer lengths are fun, too.

Ear-resistible Earrings

Studs, hoops, or dangles -whatever your preference, earrings are a great statement to wear. They are one of the first things people notice when they see you. This year, cuffs are making a presence and there is no need to get another piercing to add this flair. Change up your look from an oversized statement earring, climber, or threader this season