Many of your favorite accessories and jewelry are created by indigenous communities from around the world.  Fair trade aims to help preserve their traditions and techniques and provide opportunity for sustainability of culture and life. When you purchase fair trade items, you are contributing to the success of these families. Your hand crafted accessories will help our artisans gain self-respect and dignity while making a living wage to afford the essentials such as nutritious food, education, and healthcare. 
When you buy fair trade items, you are not only appreciating the skilled work of indigenous cultures that created your new purchase, but also giving opportunity for the marginalized men and women of these developing communities. Your purchase promotes improved living conditions and helps improve communities of our artisans. 
Whether you like blingy large statement pieces or small and minimalistic jewelry, your choices of jewelry reflect your personality.
Who doesn’t love the look of timeless classic elegance; diamond studstennis bracelets, and solitaire rings? If you prefer simple, elegant pieces that go with everything, no matter what occasion, then it’s likely that you have traditional values. People find your classic taste in clothing, furnishings, and jewelry impressive and timeless. They appreciate your interesting but understated personality. Your simple, elegant jewelry makes you look perfectly poised no matter what the situation.
If you have an appreciation for antique jewelry, it could be that you are nostalgic or that you love unique finds. You like jewelry that stands out and you love the fact that your jewelry comes with a story. You may not care much about brand names or the price tag that comes with them. You prefer unique vintage items that are one of a kind. If vintage jewelry is your favorite, you are interesting, unique, and an exceptional conversationalist.