Many of your favorite accessories and jewelry are created by indigenous communities from around the world.  Fair trade aims to help preserve their traditions and techniques and provide opportunity for sustainability of culture and life. When you purchase fair trade items, you are contributing to the success of these families. Your hand crafted accessories will help our artisans gain self-respect and dignity while making a living wage to afford the essentials such as nutritious food, education, and healthcare. 
When you buy fair trade items, you are not only appreciating the skilled work of indigenous cultures that created your new purchase, but also giving opportunity for the marginalized men and women of these developing communities. Your purchase promotes improved living conditions and helps improve communities of our artisans. 
This season, vacation-ready jewelry has moved to a whole new level, and throwback classics are here. Practically every jewelry designer has debuted their own twist on the classic summer favorites, with playful throwback necklaces, anklets, toe rings, and bracelets. With warm weather, we lose the layers of clothing and can really showcase jewelry on the beach. Here are a few must-haves for summer fun on the beach
Bare ankles are out now that warm weather is here! When compared to bracelets, anklets make a powerful statement, more statement than a simple accessory. Cute anklets have a sexy summer appeal and unlimited fashion versatility. They are one of the most underrated yet necessary summer accessories. Whether it is bohemian inspired colorful beads and shells, or an elegant silver charm anklet, these make a fun and whimsey statement to show off your style and personality.

Toe Rings

Traditionally a large ring was worn on the great toe of the left foot to indicate a married status similar to that of the left-hand wedding ring. Today, we stack and adorn our feet as we would our hands. With sandals out of the closet and hitting the beach, there are many fashionable jewels on our feet. Toe rings are a fun and straightforward way to add a bit of effortless femininity and girly touches to any outfit.

Body Chains

Hit the dance floor or beach when you layer your look with a trendy festival body chain. This trend is perfect for bikinis and night life. Why let your neck have all the fun and adorn your whole body or just your belly with beautiful chains that will turn heads.

Layered Necklaces

This summer add layers of charm necklaces like starfish, turtles, or shells. Beach outfits are all about carefree boho inspired styles. Showcase your personality and imagination.